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Become A YouTube & Facebook Expert TODAY! Let Me Hold Your Hand
And Show You HOW To Generate MASS Traffic And Revenue From YouTube
and Facebook!

YouTube and Facebook are HUGE!

If you’ve been on the Internet for more then 5
minutes – You’ll have heard of YouTube and Facebook.

over 6 BILLION hours worth of video played EACH month – it’s THE
place to be when it comes to getting in front of an audience…

Plus Facebook, according to SEC filing, for the first
time, Facebook’s U.S. ad revenue will be larger than the biggest
traditional media companies trailing only behind Google.

Worldwide, there are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users
for March 2017 (Facebook MAUs) which is an 18 percent increase year
over year.

are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users on Facebook.

billion people log onto Facebook daily active users (Facebook DAU)
for first Quarter of 2017.

…If you’re a business and you’re not currently
focused on YouTube Marketing – you’re making a HUGE mistake!

And that’s why I’m here today…


If you’re an entrepreneur… when you hear statistics
like you see above – your ears should be ringing…

…It’s MONEY that’s just lying on the table – ready
to be grabbed…
And it’s YOUR job to grab it!

Therefore, We bring you this comprehensive YouTube
and Facebook training programs that will show you step-by-step how
to get a massive amount of traffic through YouTube and Facebook.

You’re going to discover the exact tactics successful
Internet marketers and major corporations use to gain exposure for
their businesses.

For Youtube, here are everything you’re about to
learn inside members area:

Section 1: Creating Your Youtube Account

Lecture 1: Setting
Up Your First Account Runtime =

Lecture 2: Having
Multiple Channels Under 1 Name: Runtime =

Section 2: Configuring Your Channel

Lecture 3: Icon
& Art: Runtime =

Lecture 4: Description: Runtime =

Lecture 5: Channel
Links: Runtime =

Lecture 6: Custom
URL: Runtime =

Section 3: Uploading & Optimizing Your Video

Lecture 7: Uploading
Your Video: Runtime =

Lecture 8: Monetization
& Advanced Settings: Runtime =

Lecture 9: Custom
Thumbnail: Runtime =

Lecture 10: Enhancements: Runtime =

Lecture 11: Audio: Runtime =

Lecture 12: Annotations
& Inline Videos: Runtime =

Lecture 13: Captions: Runtime =

Section 4: Getting Views, Likes & Comments

Lecture 14: Free
Methods: Runtime =

Lecture 15: Paid
Methods: Runtime =

Section 5: Ranking Your Video

Lecture 16: Backlinks: Runtime =

Section 6: Your YouTube Analytics

Lecture 17: Analytics
Overview: Runtime =

Lecture 18: Earnings
Reports: Runtime =

Lecture 19: Views
Reports: Runtime =

Lecture 20: Engagement
Reports: Runtime =

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 21: Conclusion: Runtime =

For Facebook, here
are everything you’re about to learn inside members area:

Here’s everything you’re about to learn:

Module 1: Overview

Here you’re going to get an overview of the entire
process from setting up your page to gaining a fanatical following.

Runtime: 4:41 minutes

Module 2: Finding A Killer Niche

In this video, you learn about how to find a killer
niche that is full of people who are passionate about their niche,
almost obsessed with finding out more about their interests and have
the ability and willingness to buy.

Runtime: 4:03 minutes

Module 3: Creating Your Page

Watch over my shoulder as I show you step-by-step how
to create your Facebook page and the details you need to add in
order to make it an effective page for your business.

Runtime: 4:06 minutes

Module 4: Profile and Cover Photo

Discover how to add a profile and cover photos that
will get people to like your page immediately, and have them start
raving about your business.

Runtime: 5:24 minutes

Module 5: Custom Tabs

Here you will learn about why you need to have custom
tabs on your page, what you need to actually include on those tabs,
and of course how
to create them and set them up properly so they look great on your

Runtime: 8:36 minutes

Module 6: Status Updates

This video shows you the different ways you can use
status updates to successfully market your business on Facebook.
It’s going to cover how often you should update your status, what
kind of updates you should make, and why if you ignore doing this
you could be jeopardizing your marketing efforts.

Runtime: 10:14 minutes

Module 7: Insights

This is where I reveal exactly what you need to know
about Facebook Insights, so you can track and measure your page’s
performance and effectiveness.

Runtime: 9:17 minutes

Module 8: Getting Fans

Discover the different strategies you can use to get
more fans to your page and have them not just interacting with each
other, but also telling their friends about your page so they can
join as well.

Runtime: 9:26 minutes

Module 9: Conclusion

In the final video, we wrap things up so you know
exactly what you need to do first now that you’ve got all the
knowledge you need to get started.

Runtime: 2:19 minutes


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